LEGO Technic® - Мини подвижен кран


код: 8067

Цена: 51,90 лв.

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104 точки

Възраст: 8 - 14 години

Брой елементи: 292


Move even the heaviest loads with the Mini Mobile Crane!

This compact mobile crane is packed with functions and hard-core hauling power! Steer it into position, then raise, lower, turn and extend the boom to lift heavy loads! Remember to extend the outriggers to stabilize it for extra big jobs! Rebuilds into a tow truck.

  • Raise, lower and turn the boom!
  • Extend the crane with crank action!
  • Rotate the crane 360 degrees!
  • Rebuilds into a tow truck
  • Operate the arm of the tow truck and lower the hook to start hauling!
  • Features realistic details and real rubber tires
  • Mini Mobile Crane measures over 8” (20cm) long and 11” (28cm) tall