LEGO Technic® - Трактор със задна лопата


код: 8069

Цена: 133,90 лв.

Не е налично
268 точки

Възраст: 10 - 16 години

Брой елементи: 609


Make light work of any job with the Backhoe Loader!

Dig with ease using the backhoe loader’s gear-actuated front bucket and back hoe. Twist them left to right! For extra demanding jobs, extend the outriggers to make sure this 4-wheeled workhorse is stabilized! Rebuild into a log handler.

  • Raise, lower and tip the bucket and backhoe!
  • Extend the outriggers for extra tough jobs!
  • 2-in-1 model: Rebuilds into a log handler
  • Grip logs with the log handler’s powerful claws!
  • Raise, lower and rotate the log handler arm!
  • Backhoe Loader measures 6” tall (cm) and 18” long (cm)